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Cardiac Rehabilitation

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The Program
The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is designed for individuals who have experienced a heart attack, bypass surgery, angioplasty/stent, chest pains, valve disease or individuals with multiple risk factors for developing heart disease. We offer a progressive, multidisciplinary approach to reducing the risk of future heart problems and regaining an active, productive life. 

Exercise & Education
The professional staff monitors your blood pressure, pulse, and heart activity while exercising. Weekly education classes are provided by the staff on a variety of topics including Heart Disease, Risk Factors, Benefits of Exercise, Stress Management, Nutrition and Meal Planning, Diabetes Management, Self Monitoring Skills and Social Support.

Getting Started
The Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit will assist you in setting achievable goals for resuming a healthier lifestyle through exercise, education and social support. With your physician's support, an exercise prescription will be provided for you by the Cardiac Rehab staff that is tailored for your individual needs and goals.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program offers a support system by talking and making friends with individuals who have similar experiences and provide valuable social support for you and your family.

Take Charge
Take Charge of your life and begin a healthier lifestyle with The Medical Center's Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. We offer:

  • Individually designed Exercise Prescriptions
  • Up-to-date exercise & monitoring equipment
  • Family Involvement
  • Education classes
  • Registered Dietician

For more information, contact:

Phone: (409) 853-5152

Fax: (409) 853-5695