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Total Motion Joint Replacement Seminar

If you or a loved one are having, or are considering, surgery as a means to relieve joint pain, you should a Total Motion Joint Replacement Class. This class will help you determine if total joint replacement is an option. In addition, you’ll be equipped with key information needed to facilitate pre-operative preparations, hospitalization, discharge, recovery and home care.

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Weight Loss Seminars

Get the weight off with Bariatric Surgery! Are you constantly losing weight, only to gain it back again? You might be starting to wonder if you'd be better off just accepting those belly rolls and XXX clothes sizes. But we promise, the perils of being overweight still outweigh the risks of yo-yo dieting. So how do you quit the cycle for good? It's possible with weight loss surgery. Make plans to attend our next FREE seminar to find out if weight loss surgery could be right for you.

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Weight Loss Support Groups

These support groups are held to provide a community for those who have experienced weight loss surgery or who are interested in weight loss surgery.  These meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month at 6pm in the Hospital Auditorium. 

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Childbirth Class
Preparing for the Birth of your Child: Childbirth can and should be the most wonderful experience of your life. Let us help make that a reality.


Breastfeeding Class
Learn the art of basic breastfeeding in this 2 hour course that will provide information on anatomy and physiology of the breast, positioning, nutrition and breastfeeding techniques that work.


Diabetes Education
Diabetes is a disease in which your body cannot properly use food for energy. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, we can help you manage this disease.